Inside My New House

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I'm going to show you a few pictures of the inside of my new house. Some are kind of dark, but they are all I have right now.

This one is showing the living room from the front room. The stairs to the second floor room are in the background. All the trim in this house is finished and stained and it gives the house a lot of charm.

Here's the living room with all our stuff moved in.

This picture shows the downstairs front room. It has the same wallpaper as the living room and it's own door going out to the front porch.

This is a picture of the downstairs back bedroom. I put down some new carpet in this room, but kept the same trim and molding.

Here's the back beedroom with all the kids stuff in it now.

Here are pictures of the bathroom. The first one is before I did anything. The second one was taken after I had removed the toilet, put down a new floor, and was working on putting in new baseboard and trim.I still have to get a new door. The old one was 30" wide and the door frame was 32" wide. Go figure.

I got the floor all done, and have the new sink base in place.
My plummer buddy Bill will be out soon to put in the fixtures
and then I'll have a real indoor bathroom.

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