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I've been looking for a new house for a while now and I found this one.:)

This house was built in 1947 and is cute as a button, but needs a little work and updating. I finaly setteled on it the last day, and the last hour of December of 2001 after having been delayed at least 4 times and almost a month. It doesn't show, but the seller had to install a new furnace with duct work, a new toilet and sink, a new hot water heater, a whole lot of the plumbing, (I had the plumber replace all the pipes with larger, plastic ones) and also re-located the kitchen sink so it didn't drain on the ground. We moved in saturday December 29th and have been living here since then. As things progress, I will be taking pics and posting them here.

These first two pics are from the corner of the main road and the side road. The second one is just a few steps down the main road.

Standing about in the same spot as the above pics and turning to the left shows a good view of my large front yard. I can see the croquet field set up right there,, can you? A good slap shot and you'll be chasing your ball through traffic on the main road. LOL :)

Here's the garage. Far short of what I need to get my shop set back up,, but it's something to work with. I'll be making it bigger and taller this summer...... I hope.

Here are some pics of the back of the house.

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