My New Project, A Building Made From Recycled Material.

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I had bought a tent building a few years back to store my car in during the winter months. In the winter of 2006 the metal pole frame gave way to the weight of a snow and ice storm and fell in on my car putting a large dent in the roof and the fender. I decided to remake the building using material I recycled from a bunch of pallet racking I had cut up and saved years ago. The first two pictures are of the old white tent before and after it fell in...and yes, my car is under there in the second picture.

These are the metal pipes stored under the end of the trailer. They've been there about three years. I already got a bunch of them out and was working on getting them ready to use when I thought to start taking pictures of the project.

These were the legs of the pallet steel. All the ends had to be trimmed off and each one gave me a four foot section of useable pipe.

The pipes on the top were the top sections of the pallet steel. I was going to use them for the roof peak pieces but they would not work out the way I wanted so I had a few straight sections bent to the roof pitch I wanted.

Next I had to make a jig to make the roof trusses. The pieces I bent went in the peak and two 4' sections were welded on each end. Then a cross piece was welded in place to keep the sides from spreading out.

Next step is to make the cross pieces that go between the trusses. Since all the pieces were about four feet long, I used that as a mesurment. It worked out good because I wanted the building to be approx' 20 feet deep. Each of the cross pieces needed the ends cut with a notcher so they would fit on the upright pipes and be welded without a large gap.

There were 25 cross pieces total that needed notched on both ends.

The trusses are starting to take shape. I needed 6 trusses to make the 20 feet for the building depth.

Next was to make the uprights or the legs. These needed to have a compound notch cut in them to fit correctly to the trusses.

Here's the mill set up for the compound cut on the uprights.

Next I had to take the jig I used for the trusses and set it up outside so I could weld the uprights onto the trusses. If I did this part inside I would not have been able to get them out of the garage after they were put together.

The legs are welded on and the cross pieces are tacked on. The frame is ready to go up as soon as I can get the old white tent cleaned out and taken down.

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